History Made With A Purpose

HydroServe Technologies, Inc. has been in business since 1993 and through our acquisition of Aqua White Engineering, we have become a company that always strives to meet the needs of our clients.

These multi-level tasks range from providing solid guidance on a system’s problems to providing products that the client can feel comfortable utilizing without any hesitations.

What We
Help You Do


Save Water


Comply With Local Environmental Regulations


Increase Equipment Life


Manage Your Water Treatment Programs.

About HydroServe Technologies, Inc.

It has been our goal to provide quality water treatment products and services to the general public for Commercial and Industrial uses over the years. We have become known for solving technical problems, utilizing specific solutions that have created trust across our client base. We would like to invite you to look around our website and get a sense of our commitment to doing the best job possible in every step of the way.

Through the years we have put the client at the forefront of our daily activities providing an atmosphere that is both productive as well as pleasant.

The fact that accomplishments can only be consistent if each part of the puzzle is in place and stays in place has the utmost effect on the way we approach each challenge. We pride ourselves on being known for our technical expertise as well as our attitude in getting to the solution of problems. It is with this mindset that we have enjoyed growth each and every year that we have been in business and with continued support from our client base we see no end in sight.

“Thank you to our clients and vendors for making dreams come true for all of us here at HydroServe Technologies, Inc.”

CEO/President – Patrick White


It is our goal to maximize your system’s efficiency and determine how best to do that utilizing all the information available. We check all points of concern to include delta T, system flow and overall system cleanliness to determine what chemistry prescription needs to be applied. If a system is in need of a cleanup, we can typically do that online as to not upset the system’s operating parameters and be too aggressive, but use a systematic approach that will help remove fouling both from a biological standpoint as well as a scale build-up standpoint. Careful consideration is given to all systems involved as to their overall health and age before our chemistry prescription is administered.


The spirit of innovation has been a cornerstone of our company since its founding. We strive to bring value to our clients by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology and implementing that creativity in a practical business solution. Taking a hands-on approach and digging into issues that would otherwise waste valuable water and money creates a positive team atmosphere our clients have benefited from for over two decades.

One example of that core value is to put great significance on the ever-increasing importance of water conservation. By continuing to prescribe the most effective water treatment programs we can to help elevate the cycles of concentration in the cooling and heating systems we treat, helps ensure water efficiency.

Innovation is vital for us as well as our clients to be successful. It’s our belief that when we help deliver a creative solution for our client’s challenges, it not only allows them to grow but strengthens our relationship.

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