Most of the United States has on-demand, filtered water provided by the city or other local government; however, there are certain sectors that will always benefit from having an added layer of commercial water filtration and the peace of mind that it brings. Areas of the country whose municipal water is dodgy or gets flushed often should definitely consider water filtration, even if they aren’t in the business sectors mentioned here.


Owners and operators in the healthcare sector should be aware of their unique need for a quality water filtration system. Sterile water is necessary for surgical and other procedures, while tools and equipment also need to be cleaned in a sterile environment. It’s important that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare practices have medical-grade water filtration onsite.


It should go without saying that restaurants and other foodservice locations need access to safe water. A reliable source of clean, filtered water can be the difference between a lawsuit and a happy customer. Since water is used to prepare food, serve beverages, clean surfaces, and wash hands, a dependable water filtration system is a must for the foodservice sector.


One of the most important places to have clean water is the dentist’s office; cleaning teeth requires a lot of water, and that water is coming into direct contact with patients. If the water being used for teeth cleanings, examinations, utensil sanitization, or personal use is contaminated, everyone is at risk of becoming ill. It should also be noted that dentistry offices should have a medical-grade filtration system that complies with necessary standards.


While food service is often the most-thought-of hospitality business, there are other types of businesses that fall within the hospitality sector and could benefit from a water filtration system. Places like inns and hotels, whose clients use a good portion of the location’s water, should invest in a system that can stand up to many years of use; protecting clients from issues that could leave the business liable is extremely important.

Cooling Towers

Any business that has cooling towers on site should invest in a water filtration system. Not only will this investment elongate the life of the cooling towers, but it will also prevent the need for extra maintenance due to debris, bacteria, and other issues that come with circulating warm water.

Other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, industrial settings, agriculture, and power plants could also benefit from the use of a water filtration system. In general, clean water will ensure the health of your customers and reduce the need for maintenance on hardware and machines that use water. If clean water saves your company money in liability lawsuits and water-related machinery breakdown, the simple investment into a water filtration system will be well worth it.

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