We strive to give the client the best bang for their buck. Putting together the best water treatment program is very important to the overall operation of a facilities’ productivity. Some important factors that dictate how this is accomplished  consist of  several aspects.

These includes but not limited to listening to the client’s concerns and getting an overall feel of the expectations that are and will be put on the system, evaluating the system’s present condition, looking at budget concerns, and taking a hard look at the client’s direction.

Through this discovery period we can compile the best way to  meet all the client’s needs. It is at this point that creating a truly win/win atmosphere can begin. Discussions between our staff and the client’s key personnel can now begin and together we can now make informed decisions on the particulars of the situation. Discussions should  consist of equipment needs, chemistry needs, operational needs, logistic coordination, expectations of implemented programs, budget demands and any other factors that are important to the overall success of the program.

Some items that you may consider if you are interested in having a Service Request performed by our staff on your present system or future systems:

  1. Present Equipment condition – Pumping stations, Controller stations, Strainer conditions, solenoid performance, piping condition, remote monitoring capabilities.
  2.  Chemistry Evaluation – Present/Future Chemical compounds being/will be used, Removal of waste materials, environmental concerns, degrees of hazardous material kept onsite.
  3. Service Response – Evaluation of overall quality of service and any differences in what you expect to what you experience, do you have a basic understanding of how  your system is being monitored and treated, explanation of  what is being done to solve any potential problems that may arise, comfort level of professionalism from your representative.

We provide several services for our clients, from simply being available on demand or as needed, remote monitoring of their system through telecommunications, to full monthly service visits, written evaluations. It is our practice to give the customer what they are in need of, once we understand what those needs are we can take care of them with precision and professionalism.