HydroServe Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Liquitronú DC5500 Cooling Tower Controller and the LiquiCommú Communications Module. This product release is a milestone for LMI because it is a powerful new platform that was specifically engineered to increase efficiency and optimize chemical and water usage in a variety of water treatment applications. The innovative package handles multiple cooling tower operations, provides remote real-time data, and remote or local historical data downloads via PC, laptop or Palm Pilotú. Our customers can now remotely download historical data of up to 31 days, and monitor real-time conductivity, temperature and alarm conditions of up to 31 DC5500 Controllers linked to a single LiquiCommú Module.

Cost & Quality Control

The Liquitron™ DC5500 is state-of-the-art technology, but remains easy to use, is compact and inexpensive. The DC5500 offers the same features as the popular DC4500, but with additional features such as; three tank level displays, tank level alarms, two water meter inputs to determine evaporative water loss, and local & remote communications capabilities. The LiquiComm™ Communications Module provides operators with real-time information such as conductivity, temperature and alarms that can be read from any or all customer sites. Downloading this real-time data will help users troubleshoot any existing problems, and minimize the number of site visits previously necessary to read tank levels, check conductivity, etc. The DC5500 Controller and LiquiComm™ Communications Module are rated NEMA 4X; ok for washdown and chemical resistance and are UL approved.

Modem / Paging Capability

(Subject to Network Availability) The LiquiComm™ Communications Package is currently available for sale and use in the United States only due to FCC Regulations regarding modems and pagers. The Liquitron™ DC5500 is available for sale and use worldwide. LiquiComm™ is available with and without the wireless paging feature. The unique wireless paging feature is subject to availability within the Skytel Wireless Paging Network.

Ease of Use

This total system handles multiple cooler operations and data collection, but also the Liquitron™ DC5500 is very simple to program will only three keys. The LiquiComm™ Communications Module enables remote communication with up to 31 DC5500 Controllers using a single telephone line. This module enables easy remote programming and data retrieval which can send operators a wireless page or email to alert the user of a generic or specific alarm condition. The DataComm™ software is user-friendly and allows the download of data, either locally with a RS232 serial cable, or remotely via analog telephone line. Data downloads can be performed manually or automatically. DataComm™ displays the following historical data: conductivity, temperature, tank levels, alarms, biocide events, bleed and feed events, and two cumulative water meters in both graphical and report formats.

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