When the time comes to consider replacing those expensive assets during your annual budget audits, don’t rule out refurbishing services for your cooling towers, evaporative condensers, water tanks, pipes, building metal roofs, I-Beams, etc. just to mention a few. As we all know, these vital infrastructure components keep your operation running smooth. Just because they may start to show their age due to corrosion, pitting, surface rust and mineral buildup that can cause those pesky leaks or mechanical failures doesn’t mean you have to bit the bullet and create that big budget line item that kills the bottom-line.

Replacement – End of the Road

Most of these infrastructure items require tons of planning, engineering, vendor input not to mention lots of money to execute. That being said, it may be the only viable alternative if your goal is to upsize, improve efficiency or streamline your operation. However, if poor structural health is the driving reason then entertaining our refurbishing services may be the right move while reallocating those major capital dollars elsewhere.

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Refurbishing – New life for an old Friend

Would you just replace an old friend because they are looking old and not what they use to be? Maybe… Just kidding. No, of course not. Many people simply aren’t aware that refurbishing a major asset is even an option and don’t give it a second thought which may be a costly oversight. Our finished smooth polyurea surface is much more durable that anything the manufactures can offer at a fraction of the cost, planning and downtime. For example, we can have a typical three fan Evapco Evaporative condenser sump that has corrosion spots the size of a US Dollar coin, some sheet metal repairs and general fouling back up and running in 4-5 days from start to finish.

Our process is a simple 1,2,3 procedure. Step one being the most important which includes component removal and taping, vapor blasting, debris removal and surface prep. Step two is wiping down all the surfaces to receive the polyurea coating and then step three is shooting on and applying the 60-80 mil coating. The coating is applied at 160 degrees @ a high psi which allows for super quick dry times, typically around 8-15 seconds depending on dew point temps. We like to allow for some curing time, but really water can be added within just a few hours if operations require it. Given that now all the metallic surfaces have been properly sealed and aren’t exposed to the elements, corrosion will be a thing of the past for these surfaces.

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