WalChem Pumps

Walchem: Pumps and Controllers

Walchem is a leading manufacturer of on-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps. They provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control. Walchem offers innovative solutions by integrating their instruments, sensors, fluid handling and extensive remote data communications with the latest technologies.

We carry the following Walchem Pumps and Controllers systems:

WALCHEM W100W Series Boiler and Cooling Tower Controller

WALCHRM W600 Series Conductivity, pH/ORP & Disinfection

WALCHEM WebMaster®ONE Cooling Tower/Boiler Controllers

WALCHEM Industrial WebMaster® WIND Water Treatment Controllers

WALCHEM PTSA or Fluorescein Little Dipper™ 2 In-line Fluorometer Transmitters





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