Embrace the efficient, cost-effective technology of POLYUREA GUTTER REPAIR, ROOF COATING AND ROOF REPAIR for your commercial buildings.

Cracks and leaks are very common concerns when it comes to commercial roofing. These long gutters and roofs naturally have more joints making them prone to splits and seepages. Industrial and commercial roofing often endures extreme temperatures and chemical exposure too. We understand how important it is to address such issues in your commercial roofs and gutters. You may want to deal with those before they cause any damage to your building.

We have good news! Restoring your commercial roof comes at a fraction of its replacement costs and works double as well! Hydroserve brings together the best people, products and services for customers across the US. Our advanced Polyurea coating is a huge hit among our clientele in Polyurea gutter repair, roof coating and roof repair.

What is Polyurea roof and gutter coating?

Polyurea is a high performance elastomer. It displays excellent elasticity making it a perfect material for waterproofing. When applied as a coating it offers long-term protection to roofs and gutters. Polyurea can also be applied as a preventive roof coating to protect from future cracks and leaks. Some characteristics of Polyurea coating includes

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Good adhesion over different substrates (concrete, metal etc.)
  • Applicable on different styles of roofing (flat roof, low, slope roof etc.)
  • Efficient chemical and thermal insulation
  • Thermal and aberration resistance
  • Customizable in terms of textures and colors
  • Quick and easy application ensuring an instant repair
  • Sets to form a layer without joints
  • Withstands seasonal extremities from high winds to heavy rains and from snow to heat waves

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