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We offer full onsite water treatment services for boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, shell & tube heat exchangers, injection molding equipment and air washers.

Services That Offer Solutions

We offer full onsite water treatment services for boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, shell & tube heat exchangers, injection molding equipment and air washers. It’s our approach to understand what the issues our clients may face first hand are; therefore, we feel it’s best to do the initial upfront work and perform a complete site survey that includes a full water analysis workup of all the appropriate water test points. We then provide a comprehensive written analysis and work through our findings as well as our recommendations with the appropriate personnel so we can help develop a plan that is both systematic in nature and will ultimately offer an ongoing solution to potential water treatment issues.

As we continue working the plan, making adjustments along the way if needed, and having a regular dialog with our clients, a true level of trust will naturally occur. Through this true level of trust and success, it’s our goal that our client’s water treatment concerns will be a distant memory.

Equipment Repair, Restoration & Refurbishing

When the time comes to consider replacing those expensive assets during your annual budget audits, don’t rule out refurbishing services for your cooling towers, evaporative condensers, water tanks, pipes, building metal roofs, I-Beams, etc. just to mention a few. As we all know, these vital infrastructure components keep your operation running smooth. Just because they may start to show their age due to corrosion, pitting, surface rust and mineral buildup that can cause those pesky leaks or mechanical failures doesn’t mean you have to bit the bullet and create that big budget line item that kills the bottom-line.

Water Treatment

The spirit of innovation has been a cornerstone of our company since its founding. We strive to bring value to our clients by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology and implementing that creativity in a practical business solution.

Taking a hands-on approach and digging into issues that would otherwise waste valuable water and money creates a positive team atmosphere our clients have benefited from for over two decades.

One example of that core value is to put great significance on the ever-increasing importance of water conservation. By continuing to prescribe the most effective water treatment programs we can to help elevate the cycles of concentration in the cooling and heating systems we treat, helps ensure water efficiency.

Innovation is vital for us as well as our clients to be successful. It’s our belief that when we help deliver a creative solution for our client’s challenges, it not only allows them to grow but strengthens our relationship.

Boiler Services

We have developed several innovative boiler water treatment technologies that mitigate scale and corrosion of boiler systems. These technologies are far-reaching and are carefully implemented with our client’s systems in mind. These chemical technologies typically work in concert with pretreatment equipment and are coupled with our onsite service visits to ensure complete success.

It is our goal to give clarity about water treatment issues our clients may face so together we can ensure complete success of these chemical programs. Therefore, we spend as much time as necessary to develop the right water treatment program and then provide training to our clients ensuring that they are prepared for any situation that may arise.

Please give us a call today to discuss all your chemical, equipment, and system needs.

Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory services have evolved throughout the years, and we now have the capability to perform several hundred testing procedures that many of our clients have come to count on. We perform simple testing procedures such as Alkalinity, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Chloride, and Iron to more sophisticated testing such as wastewater evaluations, Total Coliform, and bacteria analysis.

After completing the analysis, we provide our clients with a written report via fax, email or through the mail service. Once the written report has been received, we take the time to contact our client and discuss our findings and evaluated the corrective measures to be implored.

Our ability to send clients sterile water sample bottles via overnight services for collection of their system’s water at inexpensive costs has allowed us to offer an instant in-depth look at problems that plague people all over the world.

If you would like to have your system’s water evaluated, please click on our  Service Request Form so the process can begin. 

Cooling Services

We strive to give the client the best bang for their buck. Putting together the best water treatment program is very important to the overall operation of a facilities’ productivity. Some important factors that dictate how this is accomplished consist of several aspects.

These include but are not limited to listening to the client’s concerns and getting an overall feel of the expectations that are and will be put on the system, evaluating the system’s present condition, looking at budget concerns, and taking a hard look at the client’s direction.

Through this discovery period, we can compile the best way to meet all the client’s needs. It is at this point that creating a truly win/win atmosphere can begin. Discussions between our staff and the client’s key personnel can now begin and together we can now make informed decisions on the particulars of the situation. Discussions should consist of equipment needs, chemistry needs, operational needs, logistic coordination, expectations of implemented programs, budget demands and any other factors that are important to the overall success of the program.

Some items that you may consider if you are interested in having a Service Request performed by our staff on your present system or future systems:

  1. Present Equipment condition – Pumping stations, Controller stations, Strainer conditions, solenoid performance, piping condition, remote monitoring capabilities.
  2. Chemistry Evaluation – Present/Future Chemical compounds being/will be used, Removal of waste materials, environmental concerns, degrees of hazardous material kept onsite.
  3. Service Response – Evaluation of overall quality of service and any differences in what you expect from what you experience, do you have a basic understanding of how your system is being monitored and treated, explanation of what is being done to solve any potential problems that may arise, comfort level of professionalism from your representative.

We provide several services for our clients, from simply being available on demand or as needed, remote monitoring of their system through telecommunications, to full monthly service visits, written evaluations. It is our practice to give the customer what they are in need of, once we understand what those needs are we can take care of them with precision and professionalism.

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