Do you have hard surfaces that are caked or coated with thick, sticky grease buildup? This orange-brown grime is unsightly and definitely doesn’t scream “this kitchen is clean!” Perhaps you’ve tried harsh chemicals on these spots and your employees have given you a hard time about the dangerous fumes or irritation that it causes their skin. Before you ask your employees to start scraping and scrubbing relentlessly, check out our SCORE industrial grease cleaner. It might be time to try something new and completely different:

Hydroserve’s SCORE Solid Emulsion Degreaser

Our industrial grease cleaner is non-corrosive and non-caustic, making it a safe alternative to the oven cleaners and lye products you’ve probably heard of and used in the past. Furthermore, the SCORE solid emulsion degreaser does not leave behind any residues or films.

You’ll be incredibly impressed with SCORE’s ability to cut through grease deposits on food prep and meat slicing surfaces; use this solution on meat slicers, aluminum benches, and the splash guards in your cafeteria or restaurant. This solution also works well when diluted with hard water.

Using Your Solid Emulsion Degreaser

Simply dilute the solid SCORE industrial grease cleaner for use in trigger spray bottles, an R2U dispenser, a P4C dispenser, or a Master Blaster. Our solid concentrate saves you space and eliminates dangerous liquid concentrate handling.

SCORE Industrial Grease Cleaner SPEC-SHEET

For more information, view the SPEC-SHEET for our solid emulsion degreaser here.