Say “Good Bye” to those heavy drums

Cooling towers, evaporative condenser, closed loops, as well as boiler water treatment never has been so easy!

  • Eliminate water treatment drums
  • Chemical concentrates in 1 gal plastic bottles
  • Application/water-specific formulations
  • Excellent performance references
  • Paste or granular chemical concentrates
  • Small wall-mounted mixing systems
  • Auto refill/on demand system w/alarms
  • Consistent dissolution of products
  • 3/4 gallon max, no spill containment issues
  • Compatible w/all existing pumps & controllers
  • Function: Dissolution and delivery of water-activated micro-encapsulated, powder, tablet, solid form chemicals.
  • For Use With: Paste, powder, or tablet water treatment products or any water-activated product or concentrate.
  • Set-Up/Installation: Mount on wall, connect water, plug in electricity. Take cap off of chemical bottle, invert and insert.
  • Operation: Level sensor in reservoir opens make-up water solenoid valve, spraying water up into solid chemical.
  • Injection: Mixed liquid chemical is drawn out of reservoir and injected into system on demand by controller and pump.