Industrial water treatment is one of those topics that is broad and a bit convoluted; it’s also a topic that can get technical very quickly. In this blog, we’re going to take some time to answer a common question: what is industrial water treatment? Here at Hydroserve, we want our clients to have a full understanding of why their industrial water treatment systems are so important. This will help you better maintain and provide upkeep to your systems at your business here in Atlanta.

So, What Is Industrial Water Treatment?

Industrial water treatment encompasses all of the processes that a business in the industrial sector might use to manage and clean the water within their different systems. Since there is a wide variety of different industrial processes, there are also many different systems to which industrial water treatment might apply. For example, let’s take a look at the following systems and how water treatment is required within them:

Raw Water Treatment

If your industry takes in water for cooling purposes (outside of the use of a cooling tower), rinsing purposes, or for adding to a product of some kind, there are guidelines involved in what that water can and cannot contain. Raw water treatment prepares water coming into your business for use in whatever processes it needs it for. As you might expect, the changes made to this water during industrial water treatment will vary depending on what the water is needed for.

Water Treatment for Industrial Boilers

These are large machines that heat water to the boiling point, as the name implies, to heat a building, heat some other machine, or generate electricity for another process. These boilers, as you might expect, require water that meets certain parameters

For example, this boiler feed water must not contain sediment or minerals. It will also need to be pH balanced so that it does not corrode the machine. Industrial water treatment processes apply to this machine so that it can function properly.

Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are usually used for cooling or air conditioning large buildings. Cooling towers may also be used for cooling liquids in other industrial processes. Much like in boilers, the water within cooling towers must be kept within certain parameters.

Cooling towers are especially susceptible to microbial overgrowth and have been the source of many legionella outbreaks. Water treatment and testing are incredibly important to maintain the health of cooling systems.

Wastewater Treatment

Another area of application for industrial water treatment processes is processing wastewater. While you might assume this includes black and greywater, it actually often refers to the byproducts of industrial processes. For example, a facility might be able to reuse wastewater from a compromised cooling system if it is treated for scaling and bacterial overgrowth first. 

Obviously, the best course of action is to prevent issues in the first place, but wastewater treatment can also be necessary.

HydroServe: Atlanta’s Industrial Water Treatment Experts

If you own a business or industrial plant here in Atlanta and have not yet finalized your water treatment plans for your raw water, boiler, cooling tower, or wastewater, get in touch with us. Our industrial water treatment experts can help you test your water, monitor samples, and develop treatment plans for the different systems in your business. Contact us today!