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We help you save water, comply with local environmental regulations, increase equipment life and better manage your water treatment programs.

Reliability in the Industrial Water Treatment Industry

We continue to help shape an industry that is responsive to finding the solutions to preserve our precious resource, “WATER”. It is our mission to utilize every means available to conserve every drop of water and maximize its qualities.

It’s our duty as leaders in the industry for the past 22 years to help our industry, our local government waste treatment facilities, our community, as well as our clients to utilize water responsibly.


We strive to provide simple but complete water treatment programs for boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold closed loops.

Services with our clients in mind every step of the way, we have developed a comprehensive program that is easy to implement and easy to maintain.

This approach offers an overall systems’ perspective that includes specific items that are of most importance to our clients such as chemistry evaluation and guidance, complete line of monitoring equipment and technical assistance which is available for lease or purchase, and our complete chemical program breakdown that will help clarify the ends and outs of properly maintaining your boiler systems.

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Equipment Refurbishing vs. Replacement

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We’ve Been In Business Since 1993

HydroServe Technologies, Inc. has been in business since 1993 and through our acquisition of Aqua White Engineering, We have become a company that always strives to meet the needs of our clients. These multi-level tasks range from providing solid guidance on a system’s problems to providing products that the client can feel comfortable utilizing without any hesitations. We are a Water Treatment and Management Company in Metro Atlanta, serving facilities all over Georgia, Alabama, North Caroline, South Carolina and Parts of Tennessee

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Do You Need Proactive Legionella Detection & Defense?

We utilize a Rapid Airborne Pathogen Identification and Detection (RAPID) reader system to detect containments before visual growth occurs. This provides valuable time to engage corrective counter-measures, preventing or controlling an outbreak of infectious airborne pathogens.

Client Testimonials

“HydroServe has been treating our Condenser water at the Pleasantdale facility (along with other company facilities) for several years. I am very satisfied with their work. Patrick and his crew have always been there, responding to issues that might arise, in a timely fashion. If ingenuity, quality, and dedication are what you are looking for in water treatment, HydroServe is the answer.”


AGRO Merchants Group

“It doesn’t matter what it is in the Condenser Tower, HydroServe Technologies will find the problem and fixed it for you. They are friendly, efficient and easy to work with .”


Filet of Chicken

“HydroServe Technologies has been my water treatment vendor since 2013, they provide at top of the line service. The quality of service you get for the dollar far exceeds the expectations of the competition. With their professionalism, attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile. You can’t go wrong in selecting them as your water treatment vendor.”


Lineage Logistics

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